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Hunting Licences

To hunt in BC, you must pass the CORE hunter training exam. You must obtain and possess a BC Resident Hunter Number Card (RHNC). You must also possess a general hunting licence as well as species licences for the animals you will be hunting. In some cases, you must also have drawn appropriate Limited Entry Hunting (LEH) authorizations.

Waterfowl hunting requires a migratory bird licence in addition to your hunting licence, and if you are hunting in the Fraser Valley, a Fraser Valley licence is required.

Italian Sporting Goods can assist you in obtaining your hunting licence. We provide firearms safety courses (CFSC & CRFSC) and CORE hunter training courses, and administer the associated exams. We are authorized to issue general hunting licences and species tags, as well as migratory game bird permits.

Please note that licencing requirements are different for non-residents. Please contact Service BC for further information.